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HK-47 is a roleplay account and not affiliated in any way with Bioware, Lucasfilm, or Disney or any concept owners and is played here for fun only.

Appearance: Rusty-red armored droid, of above average height.

World: HK-47 is taken from the end of the game "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - the Sith Lords" (In the old 'main' Star Wars Expanded Universe)

Contact: You can reach me here

HK-47's Standard Equipment: (Barring comm-specific limitations)
-Baragwin flame thrower (internal)
-Aratech Mk. III ion blaster (internal)
-Small stock of fragmentation grenades (internal)
-Quadranium droid armour
-Droid renewable shield
-Zersium blaster rifle
-Two Mandalorian pistols (backup weapons in legs)
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